If you know of someone you feel is worthy of being added to the Order of the Laurel, please send an e-mail letter to the Secretary of our Order, Mistress Colette de Montpellier, at

Please give the Order as much information as possible.  You are writing not only an award recommendation, but a job recommendation. Your letter should include the person’s full SCA name, their modern name, their home group, a link to their Caid Wiki page if you know of it, and a picture. What Art(s) and/or Science(s) are you recommending them for? Be specific about what they do, in as much detail as possible. What items have they made, researched, or performed? What classes have they taught, which offices held, and any other accomplishments you are aware of. Please provide photos and URLs showing their work, if you can. Copies of published articles are also welcome. In addition, we will be discussing their Peer like qualities, so addressing the qualifications for Peerage found in Corpora is helpful.  Inclusion of their entry from the Caid Order of Precedence can be beneficial, as it demonstrates the level of art and service at which they have previously been recognized.

Please do your best to provide details in your justification section to allow our Order to have an informed discussion based on your recommendation. And do not forget to sign with your name, and your contact information.

Our Order will discuss in full every candidate within Caid who is submitted in this manner.

If you have any questions, our FAQ may be of help, or you can send an email to our Order Secretary as noted above.