Arts and Artisans

This includes the Sciences, too.

We have a plethora of diverse Arts and Sciences, which you can see from the tag cloud to your right, in the side bar. To assist you in finding a Laurel from a specific Art or Science form, please look over the following, and click the link to your chosen area. Each grouping is broken down to provide a smaller grouping of Laurels to show. Some groups are simply large.

Arts A-B: Armor Making, Astrology, Bardic Arts, Beading, Bone Carving, Bookbinding, Brewing.

Arts C: Calligraphy/Illumination, Cloisonné enamel, Costuming, Culinary, Cultural Studies.

Arts D-H: Dance, Dramatic Performance, Dyecraft, Equestrian, Grocery, Heraldry, Herbcraft, Historical Combat.

Arts I-M: Jewelry, Lampwork/Glass Beads, Leatherwork, Massage/Physical Therapy, Medieval Gardens, Metal: Blades/Smithing, Metal: Decorative, Music: Instrumental/Voice, Music: Instrumental only, Music: Voice (Singing) only.

Arts N-P: Needlework, Numismatics (Coins), Painting, Period Encampments, Poetry/Prose, Pottery/Ceramics.

Arts Q-Z: Research, Sericulture (Silk Production), Stained Glass, Textile Arts, Vexillology (Flags), Woodworking.

Similar Art Groupings

Fiber based arts: Costuming, Dyecraft, Needlework, Sericulture (Silk Production), Textile Arts, Vexillology (Flags),

Metal based Arts: Armor Making, Cloisonné enamel, Metal: Blades/Smithing, Metal: Decorative, Numismatics (Coins).

Performance Arts: Bardic Arts, Dance, Dramatic Performance, Heraldry, Music: Instrumental/Voice, Music: Instrumental only, Music: Voice (Singing) only, Poetry/Prose.